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Speed Relay SEG BZ1-G-24 VDC
Speed Relay SEG BZ1-G-24 VDC
Speed Relay SEG BZ1-G-24 VDC
Speed Relay SEG BZ1-G-24 VDC
Speed Relay SEG BZ1-G-24 VDC
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Jual Speed Relay SEG BZ1-G-24 VDC

Spesifikasi Speed Relay SEG BZ1-G-24 VDC

Speed Relay SEG BZ1-G-24 VDC

Speed supervision of signets

Via the output frequency of the generator, the BZ1 detects the speed of the genset to be supervised. The relay is provided with three independently 
adjustable elements for ignition speed, under- and overspeed. 
The rated frequency can be changed from 50 Hz (left stop) to 60 Hz (right stop) by means of potentiometer CAL. At CAL-A2 a current of 0 - 20 mA in prportion
to the speed is available for indication of speed.

Technical data
Auxiliary voltage
terminals (A1 - A2)                                              : 12 V DC, 24 V DC +- 40 %
Gen. rated frequency                                         : 50/60 Hz, 4-500 V AC
Hysteresis                                                            : 2 % of fn
Power consumption                                           : 4 VA
Therm. load carryng capacity                           : continuous 1.4 x un
Returning time                                                    : < 450 ms
Minimum operating time                                  : < 650 ms
Output current CAL                                            : 0-2 mA DC, Ri<-100 ohm, 100% fn = 15 mA

Output relays :
Max. breaking capacity
Ohmic                                                                   : 1250 VA AC/150 W DC
Inductive                                                              : 500 VA AC/75 W DC
Rated current                                                      : 5A
Making current (16ms)                                      : 20A

System Data 
Regulations                                                          : VDE 0435 part 303
Temperature range at stroge and operation : - 25 celcius to + 70 celcius

Mechanical Stress
shock                                                                     : class 1 DIN IEC 255-21-2
Vibration                                                               : class 1 DIN IEC 255-21-1
degree of protection                                           : IP 40 at closed front cover
weight                                                                    : approx 0,3 kg
mounting position                                               : any 

The unit BZ1 is designed to be fastened onto a DIN-rail acc. to DIN EN 50022 same as all units of the BASIC LINE.
The front plate of the unit is protected with a sealable transparent cover (IP40).
Please remove the transparent cover with a screw driver to adjust the relay.

The LED fZ lights up at ignition speed. The LED f< extinguishes at underspeed. During operation without fault LEDs fZ and f< light up. 
The LED f> lights up at over-speed.

Auxiliary Voltage Supply 
The unit BZ1 needs a separate auxiliary voltage supply.The supply voltage will be connected to terminals A1 - A2.

Connecting Terminals
The connection up to a maximum of 2 x 2.5 mm cross-section conductors is possible. For this procedure the transparent cover of the unit has be removed.

Setting Ranges 
fZ      : 10 - 50 % fn
f<      : 60 - 100 % fn
f>      : 90 - 130 % fn
fn (CAL) : 50/60 Hz  

Single Phase Protection Relay

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